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Bernies Car Pools


Description:FEEL THE BERN!Bernie Sanders has the worlds first Campaign Car Pool App.1. Create your car pool by using the Campaign Hash Key.2. Give your Account Number to your drivers3. Then, drivers sign-up to get your voters where they need to be.Passengers,book a car pool or other ride in 10 seconds or Less!Tap the "Bernie 2016" Campaign Button to find and book any local car pool in your area. Go to for details.-All Booking Services are 100% FREE for both the passengers and the drivers. - Provides patent pending Automatic Local Activation worldwide, local management of drivers (just log-in to your Bernie Car Pool Fleet Account). - Send immediate notifications to all your passengers/voters by logging into your Admin Panel.- “Direct” booking between passenger and driver in “10 seconds or less” between the nearest passenger and nearest available driver. - No dispatcher bookings! No searching for car pool numbers, waiting on hold, dispatcher call backs, or waiting to book your request.Can you "Feel the Bern?"- Tap the "Bernie 2016" Campaign Button to book a local car pool.- Passenger can also book with one tap, by using E-Hail A Fleet to book selected Taxi cab companies, For-Hire, Auto Dealers or Rentals, and Car Pools & Various Service companies, or use YELP My Destination to automatically book to local business addresses. NOTE: To create non-car pool services go to The fastest & most complete booking. Available everywhere on planet Earth!- Also available: GlympseTM map view of drivers approaching for passengers and in-app Google NavigationTM for drivers.-No Direct CabCall booking fees for passenger or driver – NONE!- Before and After Passenger and Driver Forums to review each booking. Cancel any booking at any time. CAR POOLS - CREATING AND MANAGING: Precinct Captains take NOTICE!YES! Using Bernie Campaign Car Pool app you can create and manage ANY fleet of drivers to service ANY population of passengers/voters, and get them where they need to be.To "Feel the Bern"1. For details: Go to www.campaigngroundgame.com2. "Sign-up" your Bernie Campaign Car Pool Fleet Account3. NOTE: All Bernie Campaign Car Pool Fleet Accounts receive an automatic DISCOUNT.--- Unlimited Driver Sign-up (Provide authorized drivers your emailed Fleet Account Number).--- Unlimited Passenger Sign-up--- Bernie Logo Tab that displays all Bernie Car Pools in your local area. Then with one (1) tap on the green Service Button passengers request a car pool pick-up.--- Instant Notifications to displayed to passengers/voters. (Simply sign-in to your Admin Car Pool Account.)NOTE: Hash Key is subject to change at any time, but will not affect any account already created. Email if you need the current Hash Key. Include your contact details.
Remember: After creating your Car Pool Account, provide drivers your emailed Car Pool Fleet Account number (that allows drivers to register), and log-in to your Car Pool Account to manage your drivers.
The Bernie Campaign app Powered by Direct CabCall is available everywhere, for everybody! Give us a test drive TODAY!Requires internet or data and minimum one (1) passenger and one (1) driver simultaneously logged on in the same local area.
The Bernie Campaign Car Pool app is unaffiliated with the official Bernie Sanders Campaign, and is a service provided by Direct CabCall.